Please note that we have migrated submission management systems. You will need to create a new account, if you haven't already. publishes original fiction, poetry, and visual art. We seek that which is at once original and personal. When choosing work to submit, be certain that what you have created could only have come from you. We do not consider work that has appeared elsewhere, either in print or on the Web. We accept simultaneous submissions. If you submit via our form, expect to hear from us in eight to twelve weeks. If you submit via regular mail, expect to wait three to six months. We do not respond to inquiries about the status of submissions. We cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged submissions. We acquire exclusive first-time Internet rights for all works we publish. Works are also archived online. All other rights, including the right to publish in print form, revert to contributors. We’d love to be able to pay our contributors, but we can’t.

Submission instructions

Where and How to Send Your Work Visual artists, see "Guidelines for Visual Artists" below. If you insist, you may submit your work via regular mail, to: 2022 Grove Avenue Richmond, VA 23220 Please note that if selected for publication, any pieces originally sent by regular mail must be re-sent in electronic format in order to appear on the site. Guidelines for Fiction Writers We publish short stories, self-contained novel excerpts, and novellas. If you’re sending a short story or novel excerpt, send only one at a time. Wait to hear from us before sending another. Guidelines for Poets Send us at least four poems, and no more than six. Wait to hear from us before sending more. Guidelines for Visual Artists Send a query to "editor AT failbetter DOT com." If we're interested to see your work, we'll send you instructions on how to format and send it.

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